Even as Gwheen & RemyBaggins worked on the project, heres what i think about MisterKay’s “UnderAge”Ep 


Sometime last month, we brought you the much anticipated “UnderAge” Ep by MisterKay (Get it here). The project has since then gotten much self promotion not only because of the wavy artwork or the great producers who put it together, but maybe because of the careful blend of the right kind of sounds. Misterkay is popularly know for his signature uniqueness in his music. If you look as far back as Rora, or Oluwa or maybe even recently on Vanilla which all made the ep, you would notice that his songs are always sootheing (including Oluwa which was upbeat aswell although not on this ep). In my opinion i’d refer to MisterKay as one with a custom genre of music. A little fusion of afropop,juju and sometimes fuji. If youve heard Cassandra (Produced by remyBaggins) you might be able to find that same sootheing buzz that can be likened to the vibe on blackmagics vocals. The first time i heard Cassandra (atleast 2months prior to the release of the Ep) i remember immediately hitting Kay up on whatsapp. First off, RemyBaggins was my favourite producer at the time and so hearing i was already eager to jam it. And when it got in, the song reminded me of some cool highlife/afropop jams i grew listening to so it was really cool. Cassandra i’d say is my favourite on the Ep. On goodtime, i was able to spot some level of a switch up again when Otunba was featured it was my first time hearing Otunba though, but great production by gwheen still. The other 2songs (asides Fantasy (produced by gwheen)) i had jammed and enjoyed prior to the release of the Underage. According to popular opinions, maybe the Ep should have been named Underrated because thats what MisterKay seems to be. A big shout out to fans of misterykay and the great producers who put the Ep together and most especially MisterKay himself.In your opinion which of the songs on the Ep deserves a video first ? After listening to the UnderAge are you likely to purchase a Misterkay album  Lets watch out and see what misterkay has in store for us. 


  • RemyBaggins (Cassandra)
  • Gwheen  (Goodtimes & Fantasy)
  • BashBeatz (Vanilla)
  • O’giver (Rora)


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